Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Double Digits!

Its hard to believe that we're in the double digits remaining before the baby comes. With my belly so big already at about 27 weeks, its tough to imagine how enormous it will be when I approach the final 40-week mark. To put everyone's disbeliefs aside regarding my big belly, here is a pic I took today with my phone:
Okay, I know what you may be thinking. "It's not that big..." Let me tell you, the picture is a tad deceiving. I took a shot that was at an absolute profile angle, but was just shocked at what I saw. So, I decided to share this lovely 45-degree angle shot with you that is a bit more flattering (as flattering as it can be). The jacket hides a bit of the perspective on the belly's grandeur, too. Also, it is in the same shirt as my 18-week picture, so thought it would be a fun comparison.

We go in for a couple of appointments on Friday. Our 3-hour glucose tolerance test is at 8:30am. By the time it is over, I'm going to be one hungry mama! We picked up some high-protein bars that I'll be gobbling down immediately after the last blood draw. Jeff is so sweet--he plans on fasting with me that morning, so we got enough bars for the both of us. We'll then whisk away to a much-needed lunch before going to our 2:00pm ultrasound. We won't get the results of the glucose test until Monday, so it will be a long weekend while we wait for the news. As for the ultrasound, I'll see if they can get us a copy of the results in addition to faxing it to our OB.

No matter what happens, we're doing our best to stay positive. Even if the results come back ugly, I'm sure we can handle it. Jeff and I have been through so so so much together--especially with some of his own medical woes. It only makes us stronger... and this time, we have the love of three to keep us going.

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