Sunday, May 25, 2008

Alien Baby!

Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but I'm supposed to be working on my humanities final (it's due tonight), but I couldn't resist a quick post!

Yesterday, Jeff and I were settling in on the couch for some Seinfeld on the Apple TV, when I felt a series of really hard kicks in my belly. I lifted my shirt to try to see what the commotion was. I was using Jeff's leg for a pillow, so he naturally looked down to see what was going on. Then... it happened. There was a single rapid, but distinct movement at the surface of my belly. We saw something push up against the surface, and then a very subtle jiggle gently erupted around it. Some kind of alien is in there!

We both giggled instantly. Jeff reached down, then just moments later, another appendage made itself known. This time, it hit Jeff. He let out something between a laugh and a "Whoa"! I looked up at him to see his face completely lit up. He's felt the baby move before, but there seemed to be something extra special about this big "hello" that the baby was making.

We watched the baby move for a bit longer, until he/she got a bit settled in. It was Sprout's nap time. All that kicking can really take a lot out of a fetus... even more so than the baby's little episode of hiccups a couple of nights ago (which was a crazy experience in itself).

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