Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Call me Pelé!"

Hello, week 23! Our little Pelé has been kicking and squirming more than ever. Daddy-to-be is hoping for a little futbol (soccer) player. The belly is growing quite a bit. In fact, I received my first “Can I touch” request. It came from a coworker that I’ve known for years, so I was comfortable allowing it. I’ll post a belly picture soon, so you can all see the enormity of my belly!

We recently put the baby’s crib together, and the mattress should arrive on Thursday or Friday. Though it looks huge in the tiny room, it is so beautiful. Sometimes I walk near the baby’s room, and can’t help but peek in on the crib. I feel the crib’s wood beneath my hands, and imagine our sweet angel sleeping so softly. I can hear the little wisps for breaths, and those delightful little sleeping sounds that come from the depths of babies’ throats. Though the room is near empty, my imagina
tion lets me see so much more. I can see the soft, comfortable bedding, the dim light from the baby monitor, little baby toys in the corner, folded blankets, stacks of clean diapers, and burp cloths. I can smell the subtly delicious scent created by flawless skin, lavender baby powder, milk, and love.

Sometimes when I'm standing before the crib, little Sprout wakes me from my reverie with a tender poke. It’s as if he or she is saying, “Hello, Mama. I will be there soon. I love you.”

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