Monday, May 19, 2008

A Busy Day at the Doc's

We had our 24-week checkup today. I took a glucose tolerance test (50 grams of sugar in 10 oz of something that turned my tongue red). It wasn't really all that bad, but it made me feel a little funny after I guzzled it down. When we got to the doc's office, they were running a tad behind (the first time its happened in our experience). I then had the lovely experience of getting a RhoGAM shot (in my bum) since I am Rh Negative (I have a negative blood type). I'll get another shot after I deliver the baby. This will help make sure that my immune system doesn't reject the baby if our bloods mix (though that is not likely). According to Jeff, the needle was super long, but I didn't flinch at all. :)

Then we hopped over to their little lab room, where they drew my blood exactly 60 minutes after I downed the medical fruit punch. (Emily, I would have preferred it if you were our phlebotomist... This guy is always grumpy!) We should get the results back from that before the end of the week. I have had this unpleasant feeling that I will not pass the test. With a family history of diabetes, and being overweight prior to getting pregnant, I am just a bit doubtful that I will pass it. I truly hope that I do, because gestational diabetes would be no bueno.

My blood pressure was a bit high, so they took it a second time. I mentally went into a meditative mode during the second try & it was better. Also, the doc noticed that my feet were starting to swell quite a bit, so said she could write out a prescription for hose (that she said I probably wouldn't want to wear in the summer, but would provide relief if I needed it). What a "lovely" welcome into the 3rd trimester, which begins in about a week and a half.

She measured me then let us listen to the baby's heartbeat (a healthy 148 bpm). I was measuring big (and have been carrying big throughout this pregnancy), she said that she wanted us to go in for another ultrasound in a few weeks. We'll probably schedule it for June 6th. She wants the anatomy measured again just to be sure things look good. I am actually excited to have another ultrasound, though the circumstances may not be ideal. I'm sure things could be worse, so I try not to worry about it. I know that I've been carrying a big (sigh, wait until you all see the a picture), but my mom said that she did too with all four of her pregnancies. Ask a certain co-worker of mine, and I'm sure she'd LOVE to tell you all about how HUGE she thinks I am (UGH--the nerve of some people).

Yes, I know I owe you all a picture... it will be on its way. I don't think I'll have a day where I don't feel ginormous, so I'll have to just get over it and take a darn picture, I know!

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