Friday, May 16, 2008

Be Your Own Señor Spielbergo - Flip Video

We recently purchased a Flip Video-Ultra(yep, the orange one you see to the left here). We were looking for something cheap, lightweight and convenient that we could use to take quick videos of Baby 1.o when he/she arrives without worrying about about flying oatmeal dirtying up the lens of a super expensive camcorder. It's about the size of a bulky cell phone, and actually takes pretty good video(640x480). We got the Ultra version($129 on Amazon)that stores up to 60 minutes of video(runs on 2 AA), and the cool thing is that it will break them up into chapters for you. For example, if we take a 3 minute video of the dogs chewing up the furniture, and then later a 2 minute video of us chewing out the dogs, it will save them as separate videos, instead of one 5 minute video. This makes it easy to upload mini-clips. It has a built in USB connector which makes it easy to connect to your Mac or PC. Lastly, the interface on the device is incredibly easy to use. Basically there are about 4 buttons. Play, record, Trash can and then a 4 way track pad that you use to zoom or navigate stored videos. We'll upload some videos soon to show the overall quality!

One last thing, for those of you playing Mario Kart Wii, add us as a friend so we can race! Our code: 3308 5053 2476

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