Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Though I should be doing homework... or sleeping... I wanted to squeeze in a "Happy Mother's Day" post. This was my first Mother's Day as a (soon-to-be-) mom, so I couldn't resist. I've come down with an uncomfortable sore throat/cold, so spent most of the day bundled up on the couch. I really do swear that I'll post an up-to-date belly picture soon. In the meantime, I'll post one from 18-weeks (that's 4 1/2 months, for you non-mathematical people) that some of you have seen already.

Let me tell you--a LOT has changed since this picture was taken. Yesterday, we went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Roman exhibit on loan from the Louvre. It was awe inspiring to see such beautiful art that has survived the centuries! As we walked through the exhibit, my back started to hurt a bit. I needed to sit down, but it was beyond crowded, and the only bench in my line of sight was packed! I waited patiently, because I wasn't sure when there would be another chance to sit down anytime soon. A very kind woman stood up and made her son and elderly mother make room for me to sit down when she saw the pregnant lady wincing near the bench. I was so grateful! There is definitely no hiding that I'm pregnant (not that I'd want to).

I'm just a couple of weeks away from the official 3rd trimester. My goal will be to take a picture this week to commence the 6-month mark. Many of my co-workers have really started to joyously (and kindly) comment on my growing belly. Despite the woes and discomforts of pregnancy, I still cherish every moment of it!

Well, my mug of tea is about empty, which means that it's either time to ask Jeff for a refill or time to retire to bed with my nose that is both stuffy and runny (the worst of both worlds). I hope you all had a great Mother's Day (especially Mamas Claudia & Carol)!

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