Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of Mice and Greyhounds

So Saturday we took the puppies (yes, we still call them that at ages 5 & 6) to the vet. They needed to be caught up on their shots so we can board them while we are up (down) in SLC. Pretty much all the boarding places around town are booked up boarding-wise for the 4th, plus the fact that we need 3 kennels doesn't help matters. So we found this local Vet that got raving reviews from everyone that sees him. The only downsides were that the place was a little run down, and there are no appointments, you just show up when you need to be seen. The upside is that you'll get seen as long as you show up, the downside is that it might take a while.

So we show up a half hour early like everyone recommends, and there is a already a line out front. No biggie, there aren't too many people. We chill in the car, let the dogs out for some air and wait for the place to open. Once it does, we grab the dogs and head to the waiting room. Bad idea. This waiting room is teeny and packed full of pets and people, us and our 3 crazy (crazy meaning Noodle) greyhounds don't help matters. We try to get our names on the waiting list while keeping the dogs under control and someone steps on Dottie's foot and starts yelping like mad! Everyone's giving us the stink eye, so we make like tre's and get outta there...We decided, wisely, that Shauna would stay in the car with the girls, and me and Dexter (the calmest of the 3) would wait in the waiting room. We go back in and everyone asks questions about Greyhounds, and how fast they run, and 'do they run faster than cheetah's, cause I heard they are the fastest animal in the world.' Thankfully a chair opens up so we take a seat, and Dexter starts shedding like mad cause he's nervous and gets spooked easily. Plus, there is no AC in this tiny room full of humans and their sick animals and it's the one day that Seattle isn't raining, it's like 100 degrees. That John Denver was full of crap!

I'll give a quick run down of the different animals in the room. A sick beagle mix drooling like a leaky faucet who would start baying at everyone and everything, poor guy. A german shepherd, chow chow mix (only half a blue tongue). A cute pug puppy. A very angry cat that I believe would have ripped us all to shreds had he not been safely confined in his Hannibal the Cannibal restraints. The noises this cat made was unbelievable! Two kitties in a box that kept hissing at Dexter. An older sick miniature schnauzer whose owner was nice enough not to mind that Dexter farted or that he kept stepping on her toes and pushing against them. Countless other dogs and owners who couldn't stay in the waiting room cause there was no more room, but they put their names on the list nonetheless. Did I mention this Vet also has some great rates, that are like 35% less than what others normally charge?

Needless to say, it was finally our turn to go in after two hours of waiting, and one by one we brought the puppies in for their shots and checkups. Everyones doing great except for a few minor things. The doctor didn't think Dexter's farts were a major thing, but then again, he doesn't have the joy of experiencing them on the day to day basis that we do. They were all pretty well behaved except for Noodle who started bucking like a wild bronco the minute she got out of the truck. Next time we'll be making appointments during the week when it's a little bit less crazy, and hopefully the line won't be the same length as the one to get U2 tix.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Very Merry Unbirthday To ME!

For those of you that weren't aware... I have the best husband in the universe! Despite my birthday being over a month away, he gave me an early birthday gift.

We've just about given up on my Alienware laptop (RIP) because of what we think is a dead motherboard (/cry). In the interim, I've been using Jeff's Powerbook when I want to comfortably compute in a place other than the computer desk. He's probably grown weary of my complaining about the processor/memory/incompatability of his Powerbook (heehee). I was truly surprised when he presented me with... (drumroll, please...)

...a new laptop! He knew that I'd want to have something of my own for both late and post pregnancy. I didn't want/need a monster like my Alienware, since I'd mostly be using it for internet and word processing, so this Dell Inspiron 1525 (with subtly stylish "Blossom Chill" pattern on the case) was a perfect choice! Muchas gracias, mi amor.


Did Someone Say... Coconut Lime?!

I haven't baked much since moving into this house. Our oven is archaic. It may not be an antique, but it is comically old and quite temperamental. With the recent purchase of a mouth-watering cupcake cookbook, I decided to give it a whirl. The result is what you see to the left: Coconut Lime Cupcakes (with Snoopy cupcake liners)! I thought it would be a fun welcome to summertime, and a little reminiscent of the jaunts I used to take to Mexico when I lived in Arizona. Aside from a little taste of the (delectable) icing, I haven't tried them yet. Once we dive into these goodies (when Jeff gets home), we'll see if the oven was in a good mood today.

For those of you that would like to see the glory that is our oven/stove... check out the original ad circa 1963 (click to maximize your full viewing pleasure). Though our house certainly has character, it definitely needs some updating. It could be worse--at least the appliances aren't originals from when the house was built in 1931.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Monthly Check-up

Yesterday, we had our last monthly checkup at the 28th week mark. No, we're not planning to deliver early... going forward, we’ll be going in once every two weeks! Overall it was a good appointment. We had tons of questions for the doctor, to which she answered with a genuine smile and sage wisdom. She didn’t yet have ultrasound specifics, but said she’d let us know about the femur length in comparison to the rest of the growth.

However, since I’m (still) measuring big, I have to go in for another ultrasound at 32 weeks. Normal measurement at 28 weeks is about 28cm… but I’m measuring 33cm (eek)! Regardless of this big size, we’re both confident on the due date. She did let us know that the ultrasound weight estimate could be up to 20% off… which means that the 3 lbs instead of 2.5 lbs at 27 weeks could really mean that the baby was just 2.5 lbs… or 3.5!!! (Though I am doubtful our baby is THAT big!) All I can think of is “ouch”. She suggested that I watch the simple carbohydrates since the baby is big. I am glad to comply, as it is a relieving alternative to following a strict diabetic diet.

She also gave me some advice on watching out for pre-term labor, since I’ve had a few contractions in the last week. Even just this teensy weensy sample of what the future holds is no bueno. Fortunately, the contractions are not frequent and subside after laying down with some deep breathing.

I also got fitted for compression hose for my swelling. Oooh la la… The people in the office that she referred us to were great, and the location was so convenient since it was just a few floors down from our doctor’s office. They also do orthopedic equipment and prosthetics, so we may look into seeing if they have services to offer Jeff. When we got home, Jeff had to help me put the hose on, which—you better believe—had us in absolute giggles.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...To Me!

Well, I've still got a few months to go before the title of Father, Dad, Ol' Man Murray/River/Winter, etc. is bestowed upon me. Regardless, Shauna was kind enough to surprise me with a great gift, my very own Michael Scott talking bobble-head!

If you're a fan of the office, you'll immediately understand how great this is! 'That's what she said!' She actually ordered the Dwight Bobble-head, but Amazon messed that up, nonetheless, it's totally awesome and I will never get tired of pressing the button to hear him talk over and over and over again...

It's funny how getting closer to having a baby makes you appreciate how great your own parents are! I'm just remembering all the parent teacher conferences, principals office visits and I just know Sprout is probably gonna pay it back to us ten fold!

So here's to all the Dad's out there, especially my own and all he did for us when we were growing up. He was always there for us no matter what. Especially when it was shoe shopping time and Dad would take us to get the nice, expensive shoe's and not the more 'cost effective' shoes that Mom preferred. :) I love ya Pops, happy father's day!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Our little miracle: our nurse called with the results of our 3-hour glucose test. It was such relieving news that I almost cried with joy after we finished chatting. She called a little after 5:00 p.m. with her super cheery voice to exclaim that we passed the test with flying colors. As for the baby's size, she simply said that it probably meant that we just had a big, healthy baby--though I'm sure we'll get the full scoop at our next doctor appointment. She closed the conversation with, "So go eat a really great dinner... with dessert!"

With the news of the chunky baby and the failure of the first test, I had mentally and emotionally prepared myself for the worst. As some of you know, I had pretty much convinced myself that I did have gestational diabetes (you can probably tell from my posts on the topic). It was honestly my best way of coping. I knew that regardless of the news, I was ready to handle anything. I'm beyond relieved that it turned out so well.

Our next appointment is on the 16th. We will be sure to talk to the doctor about the baby's size. We want to make sure that the results from the method used to measure the baby's weight isn't an indication that maybe the long bones aren't growing proportionately to the rest of the baby's body. I know... one worry to the next right? ;) I'm really not a pessimist, I swear! I'm sure these last twelve weeks will fly by--then, our best relief will be holding our little angel in our arms. Of course... we know we're in for a life time of typical parental worries at that point (haha).


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!

Like Shauna said, I'm here to describe the momentous experience that was the ultrasound waiting room. Momentous you say? Yes, quite. You see, we weren't the only ones in the waiting room. There was the receptionist, some random couple, Bill Gates and his pregnant mistress, the janitor, another receptionist...BILL GATES!!! (click picture for maximum viewing pleasure). And we have the pictures to prove it! Shauna was laughing too hard, or the picture would have come out better. Plus, we had to be all discreet and everything, being a paparazzo is harder than it looks. How do we know it was Bill? For the doubters out there, take note of the crossed legs and hands on his knees, such Bill behavior. His eyes to the sky as he contemplates the wonders that will be Windows 7. So what was it like to be in the same room as the inventor of BASIC and Windows 95? In a word, productive. As soon as we got home we were both motivated to break out Word and Excel, nerding out until we could nerd no more.

PS-This is obviously not Bill Gates, and he obviously does not have a mistress. However, the below link is one of our favorites, and it really is Steve Ballmer, formerly known as Microsoft's second in command. Enjoy!


Chunky Baby

Yesterday was a bit exhausting for the three of us. We started the day with 3 1/2 hours at the lab for the glucose tolerance test. The high dose of sugar (this time it was the orange flavor) on an empty stomach was nauseating for the first hour, but it didn't last the entire morning, which was good. The phlebotomists were really nice, so they helped make it bearable. They took four draws that left my arm looking a little beat up. Jeff is a waiting room expert, so he was prepared with books, magazines, and video games for the morning. They definitely helped pass the time, but it was just nice to spend the morning chatting with one another. We expect to get the official results on Monday, though I am already suspecting the outcome...

After a great lunch at one of our favorite nearby restaurants (Teapot Vegetarian House), we went to the ultrasound appointment. Jeff will have to fill you all in on the waiting room experience at the ultrasound appointment (I'm sure he'll be posting about it). The baby looked great. S/he was quite active throughout the procedure. It was fun to feel and see the movement at the same time. The technician couldn't get a clear profile shot, so we have a frontal view of the face, which I put some markings on since it may be tough to fully make out.

The not-so-good news is that the baby is much bigger than s/he should be. Our little sprout is now a big sprout, weighing 3 lbs, though 2.5 is normal. This is a sign that the news on Monday regarding the gestational diabetes test will not be pleasant. Regardless of this fact, the ultrasound was really great, and the baby is otherwise quite healthy. We'll be sure to update everyone when we find out the official results from the test. I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I have a feeling we are in for a high-risk pregnancy.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Double Digits!

Its hard to believe that we're in the double digits remaining before the baby comes. With my belly so big already at about 27 weeks, its tough to imagine how enormous it will be when I approach the final 40-week mark. To put everyone's disbeliefs aside regarding my big belly, here is a pic I took today with my phone:
Okay, I know what you may be thinking. "It's not that big..." Let me tell you, the picture is a tad deceiving. I took a shot that was at an absolute profile angle, but was just shocked at what I saw. So, I decided to share this lovely 45-degree angle shot with you that is a bit more flattering (as flattering as it can be). The jacket hides a bit of the perspective on the belly's grandeur, too. Also, it is in the same shirt as my 18-week picture, so thought it would be a fun comparison.

We go in for a couple of appointments on Friday. Our 3-hour glucose tolerance test is at 8:30am. By the time it is over, I'm going to be one hungry mama! We picked up some high-protein bars that I'll be gobbling down immediately after the last blood draw. Jeff is so sweet--he plans on fasting with me that morning, so we got enough bars for the both of us. We'll then whisk away to a much-needed lunch before going to our 2:00pm ultrasound. We won't get the results of the glucose test until Monday, so it will be a long weekend while we wait for the news. As for the ultrasound, I'll see if they can get us a copy of the results in addition to faxing it to our OB.

No matter what happens, we're doing our best to stay positive. Even if the results come back ugly, I'm sure we can handle it. Jeff and I have been through so so so much together--especially with some of his own medical woes. It only makes us stronger... and this time, we have the love of three to keep us going.

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