Saturday, June 7, 2008

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!

Like Shauna said, I'm here to describe the momentous experience that was the ultrasound waiting room. Momentous you say? Yes, quite. You see, we weren't the only ones in the waiting room. There was the receptionist, some random couple, Bill Gates and his pregnant mistress, the janitor, another receptionist...BILL GATES!!! (click picture for maximum viewing pleasure). And we have the pictures to prove it! Shauna was laughing too hard, or the picture would have come out better. Plus, we had to be all discreet and everything, being a paparazzo is harder than it looks. How do we know it was Bill? For the doubters out there, take note of the crossed legs and hands on his knees, such Bill behavior. His eyes to the sky as he contemplates the wonders that will be Windows 7. So what was it like to be in the same room as the inventor of BASIC and Windows 95? In a word, productive. As soon as we got home we were both motivated to break out Word and Excel, nerding out until we could nerd no more.

PS-This is obviously not Bill Gates, and he obviously does not have a mistress. However, the below link is one of our favorites, and it really is Steve Ballmer, formerly known as Microsoft's second in command. Enjoy!

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