Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Monthly Check-up

Yesterday, we had our last monthly checkup at the 28th week mark. No, we're not planning to deliver early... going forward, we’ll be going in once every two weeks! Overall it was a good appointment. We had tons of questions for the doctor, to which she answered with a genuine smile and sage wisdom. She didn’t yet have ultrasound specifics, but said she’d let us know about the femur length in comparison to the rest of the growth.

However, since I’m (still) measuring big, I have to go in for another ultrasound at 32 weeks. Normal measurement at 28 weeks is about 28cm… but I’m measuring 33cm (eek)! Regardless of this big size, we’re both confident on the due date. She did let us know that the ultrasound weight estimate could be up to 20% off… which means that the 3 lbs instead of 2.5 lbs at 27 weeks could really mean that the baby was just 2.5 lbs… or 3.5!!! (Though I am doubtful our baby is THAT big!) All I can think of is “ouch”. She suggested that I watch the simple carbohydrates since the baby is big. I am glad to comply, as it is a relieving alternative to following a strict diabetic diet.

She also gave me some advice on watching out for pre-term labor, since I’ve had a few contractions in the last week. Even just this teensy weensy sample of what the future holds is no bueno. Fortunately, the contractions are not frequent and subside after laying down with some deep breathing.

I also got fitted for compression hose for my swelling. Oooh la la… The people in the office that she referred us to were great, and the location was so convenient since it was just a few floors down from our doctor’s office. They also do orthopedic equipment and prosthetics, so we may look into seeing if they have services to offer Jeff. When we got home, Jeff had to help me put the hose on, which—you better believe—had us in absolute giggles.
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