Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog, Schmog.

I know, I'm a shameful blogger. A brief blogging hiatus became an extended vacation from all social aspects of the Internet. During my NaNoWriMo month in November, I rediscovered the enjoyment of applying free time to things that I loved. I wrote, I read, I had a blast with my two guys. Most of all - I KNIT! Jeff has been gently pushing me to take pictures of my knits. I'll get around to it sometime. I can't get enough of my knitting, leaving me two hands short of being able to knit and blog at the same time.

Of course life isn't ever all peaches and cream, but I'm doing my best to enjoy the goodies all around me. I'm grateful to Jeff for sometimes giving me a little nudge when I forget about the great things in life.

As far as NaNoWriMo goes - I WON! Ok, so everyone wins that writes 50k words, but I was included in that group! I wrote the first draft of a novel that will still require an incredible amount of work before ever seeing the light of day. I was giddy to get it done in a month, but am taking a much needed break from my characters. I think of them and their story often, but I am not quite ready to jump back into their world again. Our time will come, though.

There are so many other happenings, but I can't say that I'm prepared to catch my blog up on every little detail. It's just too much for a likely scant audience. A lot happens in just a few months - especially over the holidays. I'll just say that Harper is wonderful, healthy, and is (of course) the best part of... well... the best part of everything! He is happy, goofy, a handful, and one heck of a dancer. And of course, as long as the little dude is good, so am I.


P.S. OMG I can't believe I finally updated/resurrected my blog!
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