Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Filipino Nose!

I can hardly believe that the first half of pregnancy has come and gone. We had our 20-week ultrasound on Monday. We were both excited (and nervous) about this particular ultrasound. Of course, I probably expressed it a bit more than the ever-stoic daddy-to-be. His strength and support are so soothing. In the specialist's darkened exam room, I lay on what resembled a reclined salon chair while Jeff held my hand and the technician covered my belly with warm goo. We immediately saw a perfect image of our little baby sprout on the screen in front of us. So much had changed between 12 and 20 weeks!

It was quite emotional when they were viewing the anatomy. What would they find? How would the bones measure? Was the spine developing properly? My eyes moistened a bit--especially when the technician moved to a posterior view of the back. Its not that we saw anything bad. In fact, everything looked really great, from what our untrained eyes observed (though the technician had a hard time getting pictures of the heart, the MD was able to just fine). I just couldn't help but be overwhelmed with hopeful emotions for our baby's health. Jeff and I exchanged hand squeezes in silence. We were relieved when the ultrasound MD came in to tell us that everything looked normal. All measurements came back as being either at or even beyond expected length for gestational age. I still felt a bit unnerved. I knew (and am constantly aware) that the baby could still be born with defects. However, our own doctor has a knack for putting me at ease. She is just so wonderful. Jeff described her to me as a friend or neighbor that just happened to be a doctor. He is so right. Her nurse also got us a little excited by saying, "before you know it, you'll be holding your baby in your arms". What an angelic thought. So for now, we will let the worry get some rest. We will be as emotionally prepared as we can be for anything that could go wrong (though even things that go "wrong" can still ultimately be survived). Instead of fretting about it, we will embrace this experience for everything beautiful that it is. We are so very thankful for this baby. I feel so lucky for how "easy" this pregnancy has been in comparison to other women that really struggle to get, stay, or endure pregnancy.

In between the ultrasound and doctor appointments, we had a bit of time, so walked just a bit down Madison Street to grab a bite to eat at a nearby organic café (which was just so-so). We sat at the window to people watch a bit, and our gazes kept wandering to the ultrasound pictures of the baby. We both agreed that the baby definitely has a Filipino nose (thanks, Dad), which made us smile. We shared meditative moments of gazing at these pictures, and imagining the joy that will be entering our life together in just a few short months. That first week of September can't come soon enough.

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