Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strong Heart, Big Feet

I'm a lucky girl. Among a few things, Jeff got me this heart rate monitor for our anniversary. I totally love it! He wanted to get me something running-related and had noticed that I had been eying this heart rate monitor. It's wireless, easy to use, keeps a continuous reading (no double buttons for a single reading), and best of all - you don't have to send it to the manufacturer for battery replacement (like quite a few other brands). Oh - and it's not so bulky that I wouldn't want to wear it like a regular watch if I wanted to. It's great to keep track of my heart rate so I can work towards staying in the "weight loss" zone... though I can't seem to keep my heart from beating like crazy. Even if I can't get it as low as I'd like, it will help me keep from getting too crazy-high.

In other news, I finally wizened up and measured my feet for size. I always knew that I had wide feet, but was so used to a bad fit, that I just bought too-big shoes so the width would be tolerable. Let's not even get into what happens to your feet after pregnancy. Now that wide width shoes are more readily available, it's all I've been buying. But there's nothing that gets you thinking about the fit of your shoes than a new running or walking program. After much thinking on the subject, I couldn't help but think that I could get an even BETTER fit. So I measured my feet. Turns out, I don't just have wide feet, but I have extra wide feet. The last few pairs of shoes I've bought were size 9 D. Turns out I'm more like an 8.5 2E. In truth, I could probably go a little wider. Good think I don't need to fit into Cinderella's shoes; I already have my own Prince Charming.

So I'll wait for my current pair of running shoes to wear out, then will buy what I think will be a proper fit. People rave about the difference that a proper shoe makes in not just their workouts, but their overall health. But I've learned it's NOT just about size. This guide was immensely helpful; everyone should identify the proper shoe for them. Turns out that I'm a supinator/overpronator with high arches AND wide feet. So not only do I need an 8.5 2E, but I need structured cushioning shoes with a performance last. This will definitely change the way I buy shoes. You better believe I'll be posting about my next pair after my current pair wears out. Who would have thought that shoes could be so complicated?
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