Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cabeza Gigante

Harper had his last appointment with his Seattle pediatrician today. Fortunately, she did her residency at University of Utah, so she's going to get us a list of doctors she recommends in Utah. Finding quality, caring doctors is one of the most difficult parts of uprooting your life and household.

The poor little guy didn't like getting his shots. He let out the absolute saddest cry I have ever heard. Over these past few months, I've toughened up on my sensitivity to his crying. However, after this round of shots, I began to tear up myself. All I wanted to do was hold him close to me, wishing that I could cure his pain with love and closeness. I've never heard him cry like this - it was so sad, and he honestly sounded like he was in genuine pain. It was a unique cry - different from his cries of hunger, discomfort, or the I-need-cuddle-time-cry. I know it was just a couple of little (and necessary) shots, but I can't help but think that we can't protect him from all discomforts in life, and that is difficult to accept.

On a lighter note, Harper's head measures large for his age. Heehee - it just means that he needs a large container for all of those brains. :) When I see newborns in the waiting room, I think, "Harper was NEVER that small". However, I think it was just that his cabeza gigante was never that small. :)

So, the doctor wished us well, gave us hugs, and told us that we are, and will be, great parents. I am coming to realize that sincerely telling someone "you're a great parent" is by far one of the best compliments one can receive in their lifetime.
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