Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Days

Every time Harper flashes one of his beautiful smiles, my heart fills with such deep joy. He is such a happy baby! Don't get me wrong - we have our fair share of tears, pouty lips, and even some screams here and there. But those times are so easy to forget when he lights up like in the picture to the left, when I was taking him out of his swing.

So our move is just a couple of short weeks away and I'm a bit stressed out. It is really difficult to get things done with a baby in tow. (Emily - I don't know how you manage with a new baby and a toddler!) Fortunately, my wonderful mom is going to come up for another visit to help us pack. Of course, it is also a great excuse for her to come see the three of us. :) I was touched when she offered. It reminded me of the times in grade school when she would offer to help bail me out with homework that I hadn't done. At least this time the reason for procrastinating is a legitimate one!
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