Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lovely Rainy Day

There probably aren't too many Seattle residents who love the rainy weather as much as Jeff and I. We needed to run some errands yesterday, and it was raining pretty hard (Seattle is usually only covered with a light misty drizzle). The picture to the left is one that we took while running errands. He was sleeping peacefully for about five minutes into our first stop when he became upset. I wore him during the rest of the errands. It is our mutual preferred method, and I am starting to love the Moby Wrap even more than the Baby Bjorn. I just feel so close to him in the wrap - as if I'm holding him vs. carrying him in a backpack.

Because of the hard rain, I decided to do something I haven't done in a LONG time... I wore real shoes! This may not seem exciting to you, but it was great for me. My hands and feet started to swell pretty badly as early as week 20 of pregnancy. I took my wedding rings off around week 24 and started to exclusively wear flip flops around the time that I went out on bedrest (not that I went much of anywhere except the doctor's office) at the end of July. My shoes had been tight and uncomfortable for quite some time before that. It has been over 2 months of being sans shoes, so putting them on for the first time in awhile was an odd experience. However, I'm seriously looking forward to the day that I can wear my rings again. I'm almost there, but my doc said that it isn't uncommon for it to take extra time because of breastfeeding. So, it was a nice rainy day, and Harper was such a patient baby.

Below is a picture of Harper during some tummy time yesterday. It's one of our new favorites.
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