Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Best Distraction

The other day, I was completely sucked into reading a sucked in, that I read the book in a single day. At one point, I had Harper wrapped up against me since he was a bit fussy. He swiftly fell asleep, and became the best distraction. Though I was really into my book, I couldn't stop looking at is sweet, peaceful face. I kept looking down at him and probably re-read the same paragraph about six or seven times. Will I ever get over how beautiful and incredible he is? I doubt it. I took the picture to the right to capture the moment. Can you blame me for not being able to take my eyes off of him? Doesn't he look so angelic in this picture? I love the open mouth. He reminds me of an old man catching some zzz's. I wish you could all hear the little noises he makes while he sleeps. His little sighs of contentment and light snoring are music to my ears.

Here are some more pictures of him wrapped up against me.

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