Sunday, August 29, 2010

Couch to 5k: Run, Shauna, Run!

Have any of you heard of the Couch to 5k program? It helps the lazy, out of shape, or running haters go from "couch to 5k" in 2 months. I fit in the "loather of running" category. I have always despised running, and thought I always would. Even as a child, I preferred arts over athletics. I'm not a criminal on the lam, and the chances of a zombie invasion are slim... so why do I need to work up my endurance for running? It just sounds torturous. That being said, there's been something inside of me (for quite some time) that's wanted to love running. Runners will tell you about the "runner high" that they get. They'll tell you how amazing it feels during and after a good run. They'll tell you it's addictive. Doctors will detail the numerous health benefits to running. So here we go. Couch to 5k. I'm going to do it. At minimum, I have to give a chance.

With the support and company of my mom, I started the program this morning. Perhaps in my case it should be "bed to 5k", as I am infamous for my near inability to get up out of bed at an early hour. I'm proud to say I was up at 6 this morning. Once we got going out there, it wasn't bad as I thought it would be. The thing is that I KNOW I can run, I just haven't really wanted to. I'm changing my usual running mantra from "I hate it I hate it I hate it" to something like "It's good for me, I can do it, I am doing it". I'm determined to change my attitude about running. If I fail at getting up in the morning, my backup plan is to run in the evenings. So there, no excuses.

I'm so fortunate that my jogging partner (aka my mom) is an incredible athlete. Warning: I'm about to brag. As a the stroke lead for a women's competitive rowing team, she kicks some serious booty. Just see for yourself in the below video clip, or click here. She's the hot tamale in the blue boat, in front, closest to the camera at the start. I just love watching her stroke style. She's 62 years old, but so very youthful. She has monstrous muscles, and could stand in as my body guard (but not in a gross manly body-builder sort of way... she's just BUFF). She's not all brawn, either. She's the big boss at work and the Vice President of her rowing club.

Anywho, wish me luck on my running program. My mom is here through the 7th, then I'm sort of on my own. Unless I have any volunteers to come keep me honest?
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