Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Big Boy and the Car Seat

We've resisted the lure of the forward-facing car seat for as long as we could. Yes, we're those parents, and proud of it.  But really, there are some shocking statistics regarding rear vs. forward facing car seats. Without sounding preachy or showing anything super scary, I'll just link this video that shows the difference of the two seats during an impact (don't worry - it's just a crash-test-dummy).

When we bought our seat, we decided to get one with an extended rear-facing weight limit.  According to national averages, he should have been fine rear-facing until he was about 3 (or even possibly 4) years old. Would you believe that he's only a few pounds away from the limit? We had to turn him around, but we're proud that we kept him rear-facing for so long. Truly, he didn't mind the way things were. He may have looked a bit squished in there, but really, he was quite comfortable with his legs bent and cuddled up a bit. It gave him a little space to run his cars along the edge of the carseat, and a nice cozy place to nap on the way to Grandma Carol's.

He's not a baby anymore, that's for sure. This little guy turns two years old in about a week, can you believe it?
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