Friday, August 20, 2010

Can You Keep a Secret?

Harper's second birthday is today! He just doesn't know it. We've decided to wait about a week for his birthday party so my mom can attend too. That's right, my mama is coming to visit! I'm thrilled!

So as I throw invisible confetti and whisper "Happy Birthday, sweetheart" in Harper's ear (he'll never know!!), I'll share a bit from his secret birthday.

I wanted to snap a birthday picture at breakfast time. Instead of saying "cheeeeese" like I asked, he made a goofy squinting face for the camera. He thought he was being SO FUNNY. Note the fake, forced laugh in the third picture. What a goof.

And here he is with his hair done, ready to go spend some quality cousin-time with Logan and Emma. He likes to do his hair with the pomade stick, just like dad does. Harper goes for the faux-hawk (with my assistance), though Jeff merely uses it to disguise the hackjob of a haircut I gave him the other day.

He was really interested in the bag of caramel popcorn at the store, so thought it would be a fun secret birthday treat for him since regular popcorn has zero appeal to him. Apparently, once out of the bag, caramel popcorn has zero appeal either. And of course I had purchased the largest bag. Sheesh. Jeff better help me eat it.

I'll need to remember to charge the real camera's battery for Harper's birthday party next weekend. But for now, everyone whisper a "Happy Birthday, Harper"... well I suppose you could shout it. Until he sees balloons to play with and cake to shovel into his mouth, he probably won't understand anyway.
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