Saturday, January 31, 2009

Please don't wake me, no don't shake me...

It was such a long week. I am not a morning person, and have been known to sleep through alarms or even police chases outside my bedroom window (ask Kristen). I'm proud to say that I was great about being on time to work, though I must admit that I was rushed almost every morning to get out of the door. This early shift has worn on me already. Both Jeff and I have been tired as a result of this new routine. Hopefully we'll get used to it.

Thank goodness it is the weekend. I am sad that 1- Saturday is the only day off Jeff and I share, and 2- Harper has to go back to day care on Monday. (Oh and 3- I have to work from home for a couple of hours on Sunday morning - yuck). Thankfully, as seen in these pictures, I was able to visit Harper every day on my lunch break. He got a belly full of milk, cuddles, smiles, and playtime with his mama.

There have been quite a few runny noses in the baby room there, so my poor little guy has a cold now. Though he had one a few weeks ago, this one has a raspy, sad sounding cough to go with the runny nose. I think he's sleeping it off, as he's been taking long daytime naps, which aren't very common for him. Illness exposure is definitely one of the worst parts about daycare.

Each time I pull into that daycare parking lot, I am anxious to know what I'll find when I walk through the doors. Sometimes I'm greeted by frantic screaming, while other times he is completely content, or even in a happy, playful mood. So I know daycare isn't all bad - I just wish it wasn't necessary.
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