Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One More Week

Harper seems to revel in lazy couch potato mode. He's lounging in my arms in this picture (Dottie is snoozing in the background). He enjoys kicking back to watch TV, and I can't say that I mind joining him. When he's lounging on his own, it gives me a rare but welcome opportunity to be hands free.

So, I return to work in one week. I'll work the first Wed - Fri as half days, then will go back full time the following week. I'm filled with a kind of anxiety that I haven't experienced before. I won't go into lengthy, expressive detail... but I will say that it is no bueno. :( I am indeed fortunate that I've had off this much time. Many new mothers go back to work after six weeks, while Harper will be five months old. Of course it could be argued that many societies provide mamas with a much more substantial amount of time off of work, while others allow mama to take baby to the workplace.

For now, I'm cherishing every precious moment of this last week of non-stop Harper-time.
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