Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One More Day

Today is my last day as a stay-at-home mom (and Harper's 5-month birthday). This morning, Jeff and I attempted a "trial run" of what we'll be going through each day to get ourselves, Harper, and the dogs ready each day. In order to be at work by 7am each day, I'll have to leave at about 6. This means I'll have to get up at about 430 every morning to make sure Harper has enough time for breakfast (his slowest feeding) while still giving myself time to get ready too. Our trial didn't go so well this morning since we didn't get to sleep until a bit after midnight. We spent most of the time in bed looking for the snooze button. I'm sure we'll find our groove; it will just take awhile to get into the swing of things.

I'll never forget this time I've shared with Harper, and will never take our precious shared moments for granted. The road ahead will be emotionally and physically challenging. Fortunately, I have the best inspiration I could ever ask for - my happy, loving, goofy, adorable, baby boy.
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