Monday, November 5, 2012

Laundry Day

It may sound a little silly, but doing laundry is one of the things that helps me connect to Norah while I'm at home. Sure - the task itself is, as the incomparable Dr. Horrible says, "a stunningly boring chore", and the hospital is willing to do it... but I insist on doing Norah's laundry. In a way, it helps me to feel more like her mom.

But today I was a little sad as I spritzed each stain. A couple of blankets and boppy covers with lots of dried throw up from when she was feeling sick a few days ago. I wasn't there. Multiple outfits  with poop on them. I wasn't there. And the worst was the shirt with a tinge of blood around the neckline, from a trach change. I wasn't there. Though her laundry had only been sitting for a week tops, some of the spots were even starting to mold a bit. I wasn't there.

Usually, it feels good to do her laundry. My emotional state as of late turned it into something a bit lonelier today. It doesn't help that Harper and I woke with coughs and sore throats this morning, so we won't be going in to see her. Jeff took off early though to be sure to get in some family time for the rest of us. Fortunately, Norah doesn't seem to have whatever we do. Let's hope it stays that way.
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