Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Health Care

A rare family walk outside for some fresh air.

I'm really nervous today. Our family pays a ton for our health insurance, and Norah relies on Medicaid as her secondary insurance. All politics aside, if Obamacare is repealed, Norah will most likely be dropped by our insurance. She exceeded old lifetime caps long ago, and has had a pre-existing condition since 20-weeks gestation. Obamacare came just in time. I hate to think of where we would be had it not been passed when it was.

Due to FDA restrictions on ventilators, Norah cannot come home with her current ventilation needs. Trust me, if she could, we would bring her home in a heartbeat. It's been a long fifteen months in the hospital. So without Obamacare, we would have to pay every penny out of pocket for her inpatient health care. A six month stay in PCMC's PICU was just shy of $1.2 million. A recent week and a half was $75,000. South Davis' LTAC, where she lives now, is cheaper but it's still so far beyond what we could ever afford. And we've been told time and time again, that Norah isn't your typical long-term patient. She's so intelligent. She's funny. She's playful. She is mentally and emotionally sharp. She's a heart-stealer. Despite the rarity of her predicament, I know that there other kiddos out there like her, in similar situations. Children with great lives ahead of them, that just have to make it through a rough spot.

So I'm really worried about election results. I really don't want to post anything political on my blog, but we're talking about something more than politics.

Everyone who can, should vote today. I support everyone's vote, regardless of their choices. We're all allowed to have beliefs and opinions all our own. I just really hope that no matter tonight's result, that Obamacare stays firmly in place so Norah can continue to thrive, and our family doesn't become financially destitute. What would happen to Norah, our most beloved star? We cant afford even a single day gap in coverage. I know there is more to Obamacare than this, and many people don't like it, but it has changed our lives, and has most assuredly helped save Norah's.
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