Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Mixed Media

Now that I have a dedicated space to bring out my inner artist again, I've really been enjoying so many projects when I have time. Which, you know, isn't too often, but it is so much easier now that I have this space. I've mostly been knitting, quilting, paper crafting, and even busting out with the paints and canvas!

In an attempt to channel my inner Angie, I wanted to do a couple canvases - one for Norah, and one for a very special someone. This was my first time ditching my precious oil paints for acrylic, and it wasn't so bad. I was really going out of my comfort zone with the mixed media. It took a conscious leap for me to "mar" the first painting with the die cut phrase. But after that first splash of Mod Podge, I was all in, and it felt great. Instead of channeling my inner Angie, I found just a different part of myself. 

Back when Harper was a baby, he was very difficult to get to sleep. We had to rock him and walk around with him. His fancy pants swing was not an acceptable substitute, and he let us know it. So I made up a song for him in an attempt to lull him to sleep. This lullaby carried over to Norah, now that the words held an even deeper meaning. Sometimes she resists sleep during our visits because she doesn't want to miss a moment of it. But I want her to know that when we sleep, we can dream our one sweet dream of us together, always. I used this lullaby as the focus of this first canvas, which hangs in our hallway at home. I may make a little one for her room, too.

 Materials: 16x20" stretched canvas, card stock (cut with my Silhouette Cameo), copy paper, acrylic paint, mod podge

We were first admitted to the PICU back when Norah was a tiny and frighteningly fragile three weeks old, by this awesome nurse. As we navigated our new life in the hospital, Cecily was always there for advice, support, and much needed laughs. She went from being our primary nurse to Norah's auntie. In fact, she was booted off of Norah's care team by the charge nurse team because she just became so close to our family. There is this song, that Cecily has dubbed as her song for Norah. It is so sweet and so perfect. I used my favorite photo of them in this canvas, along with quotes from the song. And check out that look between them. The love there is undeniable. Cecily is part of our family, and even Harper, Mr. Anti-Social, just adores his Ce-ci-wee.

 Materials: 16x20" stretched canvas, card stock (cut with my Silhouette Cameo), acrylic paint, photo, ribbon, Micron pen, rubber stamps & ink, mod podge

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