Sunday, October 30, 2011

My People!

I was on my way to visit Norah on Saturday morning, and who did I see walking down the street? The entire Seattle Sounders FC! It's their tradition to take a walk during the morning of match days on the road. Nothing quite brings out the "squee" in this fan-girl like my Sounders. It was unbelievable timing. I'd like to say I kept my cool & simply waved my scarf out the window. Instead, I honked my horn like a maniac. I made eye contact with Montero, who probably thought I was an absolute lunatic.

Sure, we only lived in Seattle for a couple years, but we miss it like crazy. It still feels like home in many ways. That evening we went to the first MLS Cup Playoff game between RSL & the Sounders. We got there a bit early, so were hanging out in front of Rio Tinto Stadium. As Jeff and I were chatting, we heard a chant begin to crescendo from the street nearby. MY PEOPLE! The Emerald City Supporters were on the march to the match, chanting their love for the Sounders. Talk about a heck of an entrance... boy, did it make me miss home. I kept telling Jeff that I was going to ditch him to sit with "my people"... but our seats were just too great to trade for the nosebleeds (that you see in the photo to the right) & of course I wouldn't leave my family. I was the oddball in our group, but was more than content to watch my favorite sports team & nod in respect to my fellow supporters dressed in Rave Green. It was a super fun night, so a big thanks to Jared & Em for watching Harper. And another big thanks to Scott and Des for the awesome tickets!

As for the result of the game - I'm not quite prepared to discuss it... but there's still hope for the next game on Wednesday!

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