Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Baby Blues

Since my last post, Norah has had more little episodes of turning blue & needing to be manually bagged... this time while still on the ventilator. Three of these "events" happened yesterday. We were afraid that this would interfere with our big plans to transfer her  back to South Davis once the weekend was over. We're not totally sure what's causing these episodes, but it may be that she's bearing down too hard & her lungs just sort of clamp down too.

When I arrived at the hospital today (Monday), I was relieved to find that the plan was still to move forward with transferring out of the ICU and back to South Davis. Life Flight came to take her via ambulance again, and everything went even more smoothly than the other trips. In fact, she slept throughout the ride up there. She's getting along quite well with their ventilator at South Davis, and we're feeling very optimistic about everything.

Her weight is up to 3.58 kilos (about 7lbs 14oz), so we're just a few pounds away from our goal of 5 kilos before transitioning her to a ventilator that will work at home. We can't wait to bring our sweet girl home in a few months. She was all smiles today, and we had a great time playing. I'm sure the team at South Davis will be able to handle all that cuteness, but hopefully they will also be quick to respond to any possible "events" like those that she's been having. Even better would be to altogether say bye bye to the blue baby blues... but I doubt we're quite there yet.

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