Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All About Norah!

I sure love Primary Children's. They do so much there to make every patient and family feel so well cared for. The Child Life specialist came by yesterday and had me fill out a form about Norah. Not long after, she came back with this poster on the left. Click to enlarge & read it. It was so touching!

Norah is still doing well, and still growing. We're waiting to hear back on progress that South Davis is making on getting the fancy-pants ventilator, but I know that they're working on it. It will be nice to have her closer to home again.

We met with South Davis on Friday to talk about what happened that put Norah back in the PICU at Primary Children's. Jeff and I feel much better after having been given a more comprehensive picture of the events that led to her transfer. They had a few takeaways on how to have responded a little differently, but it does seem like they did close to all they could at the time. She still has episodes of turning blue, and I hope that she simply grows out of them soon.

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