Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harper & Norah

Norah is doing great at South Davis. She's now up to 8 lbs, so only has a few more to go before she can be transitioned to a ventilator that can be taken home. She's been trialed on a similar ventilator before but didn't do so well. However, every little bit of growth makes all the difference in ventilating those tiny lungs of hers. It will take time to get meaningful growth (not just chub), but we're willing to be patient. As her chest and lungs grow, it will be easier for her to tolerate different ventilators.

She won't get to come home the moment she hits the magic mark of 11 lbs. Rather, it serves as the milestone to start the home ventilator transition. She'll have to be stable on it before she comes home... but like I said - we're willing to be patient when it comes to making sure she's comfortable and ready to come home. I just love knowing that a homecoming is in sight.

One of the great things about Norah being at South Davis is that she's only a 20-minute drive away from home. Today Harper decided that he wanted to "visit baby sister at the hospital", so off we went.

Harper is such a great big brother. His face lit up when we saw her, and she seemed happy to see him too. She was watching her brother's every move. He kept wanting to kiss and "hug" her. He wanted to hold her too, but we had to improvise for now.

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