Saturday, October 8, 2011

Musical Beds

As the most stable patient in the PICU, Norah has been playing musical chairs beds throughout the unit during her current stay. When she changes beds, she changes equipment too. A few days ago they were moving her to a different room, so were unplugging her from everything. This means a respiratory therapist (RT) has to take her off the ventilator and manually bag her with oxygen (a squeezable bag is connected between her trach and an oxygen tank... you've probably seen something similar on TV). Well during this move, for whatever reason, the RT didn't bag her sufficiently & she turned very very blue. By the time we got to the new room (a short trip: just two rooms away from the old one) & connected her back up to everything, her oxygen saturation was below 50 & her pulse was about 70. Her eyes rolled back and Norah just stopped trying. The nurse urgently told the RT to bag faster, but instead another RT took over & they brought Norah back to us. Her color returned, and her eyes opened in shock as if to say "Whoa, what happened?" These events never get easy to handle. The nurse later apologized to me, but I told her it wasn't her fault & it was unfortunately nothing I hadn't seen before. This was true, but she knew that it had been upsetting. One would have to be heartless to not be affected by it.

On a lighter note, Norah was finally cleared to go back to the transitional hospital! She's grown to a whopping 3.53 kilos (7 lbs, 12.5 oz) & when trialed on the ventilator she was previously on (and didn't tolerate) at the transitional hospital, she did great! The little bit of growth has probably made all the difference. We'll let you all know how the transfer goes. They're thinking she may not need Life Flight this time, which would be much better on our pocketbooks, but we'll be sure that she gets everything that she needs to have a safe transfer. The plan is to send her back on Monday. We're excited to be taking this step forward (again). So this time our bed changing will be all the way back to South Davis! Woohoo
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