Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Good Stuff

Enough with the medical stuff. What about all the good stuff? Believe me, there's much to tell, so here are a few tidbits:

-She's so observant. Her eyes follow people as they talk and move near her.
-She's super calm. She's usually quite content and peaceful.
-She has the sweetest face with rosebud lips and long fine eyelashes.
-She uses her entire face to express opinions and emotions. Just wait until you meet her... you'll see what I mean.
-Despite the problems her small body cause, it's the cutest petite little body with the most adorable tiny hands and feet. Her feet are even smaller than those of her preemie neighbors.
-When she smiles in her sleep (which is often), her whole face lights up.
-When her oxygen levels dip, she's most calmed by her mama's voice and touch.
-She's especially cozy in her daddy's arms.
-She's stolen the hearts of the medical staff. They all love her name, her sweet face, and her peaceful nature.

Our little girl is amazing, strong, brave, and has already been through so much. She's pretty dang incredible, and I look forward to everyone getting to meet her when the time is right. As for now? It's time for this mama to take a much needed nap.
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