Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing Momma

Jeff here. Shauna has updated everyone on Norah, so I'd like to update you on something else, the pure awesomeness that is Mama Shauna.

I'll let her decide on whether or not to fill you in on the birthing details, but let me just say, it was pretty intense in there! I like to believe I'm man enough to admit there were tears (of joy, and nervousness) being shed. If onions & hot sauce can bring someone to tears, I'm sure that the birth of ones baby can be freely admitted as well.

Shauna has been staying at the hospital for over a week now, to comfort and take care of our beautiful daughter while she gets well enough to come home. After Shauna was discharged, they moved her to what  is called the 'Twilight room.' No visits from any Cullens here, this room is about the size of a small closet & was designed to let Mothers who have been discharged, stay close to their babies that haven't, free of charge. It's got a tv, a bed, and not much else. But it's great that the hospital offers this as an option & we are all very grateful it exists.

Shauna's schedule right now is pretty intense too. Approximately every 3 hours she needs to pump, and then visit Norah for about an 1 to 1/2 hours for some 1 on 1 time and to work on getting Norah to breastfeed. This leaves her about an hour to sleep or eat, usually not both! Just the thought of getting that little sleep has me daydreaming of Ambien. It's a pretty rough schedule, especially for someone who has just given birth & is still recovering from the pain and lack of sleep that come with it, but she hasn't missed a beat, as much as I know she'd like to just lay down and sleep in sometimes :)

I'm really quite amazed that so soon after giving birth, she has been able to completely ignore her own bodies requests for sleep & recovery, and completely devote herself to the wellbeing of our newborn. Especially given the emotional circumstances.  She'd never complain, and I know that there is nowhere she'd rather be than right by Norah's side, but Harper & me could sure do miss her and can't wait until Norah is well enough so they can both come home. As much as Harper likes & continues to ask for Grilled Cheese every night, I know he'd prefer Shauna's cooking!

Thanks for being so amazing baby!
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