Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trading College for Childbirth Classes

We’ve been attending childbirth classes for a few weeks, and I must say that I’m enjoying them even more than I thought I would! I highly recommend them to anyone having their first baby. (Our hospital even offers a “refresher” class for those with previous experience.) We are glad we chose the hospital that we did, as we have become increasingly confident regarding their competency to handle any and all situations that may arise during the birth. And HELLLLOOOO they have a private Jacuzzi tub in every birthing suite to help relieve labor pains!!!

The more we learn, the more I cringe, but I realize that this information is priceless. I am feeling more prepared than ever to cope with labor pains. I know it is going to be horrendously painful… but with the best husband in the world at my side, I know we can get through it together. Like I’ve told Jeff – it will still only be the SECOND most difficult thing we’ve been through…

We’ll see what happens with trying for a natural, drug-free delivery, or a possible caesarian section. At the baby's growth rate, no one will be surprised if s/he reaches the 100th percentile instead of the 98th that s/he was measuring at 32 weeks. So, caesarian may be inevitable, but I am so grateful that a doctor that listens to me, and encourages us to make our own decisions. Regardless of the delivery method, the information in the childbirth class is quite empowering. Plus, we’ve met some friendly couples at the class. I’m sure we’ll meet more fun people during this journey.

SIX (or less) WEEKS TO GO!
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