Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Closer!

That's right, we're at the 30 week mark! I can hardly wrap my mind around the reality that our precious baby will be here in just under 10 weeks (almost 9, now)! Jeff and I often discuss our many hopes, excitement and (inevitable) fears for the future. I often feel so fortunate that we communicate so comfortably and naturally on such an intimate level.

We had our 30-week appointment on Monday. Things went well - we were pleasantly surprised when the doctor told us that I had grown the appropriate 2cm between now and the last appointment two weeks ago. That means that the baby grew just the right amount! Of course, it still means that the baby is measuring 5 weeks ahead of schedule (35cm), but maybe it is a hopeful sign that the baby decided to go through its growth spurt a little early, and things will be slowing down a bit. My weight gain was also textbook-ideal in the last two weeks. Interestingly, I haven't really done anything differently than I've done in the past (eating, exercising, etc), so it is good to know that the baby is just doing his/her own thing & I'm not necessarily negatively causing this crazy growth!

The belly continues to grow, and the baby continues to be extremely active. They say the minimum movements should be 10 per hour... but sometimes it seems like it's 10 per minute! :) It may sound a bit odd (and maybe it's pregnancy hormones talking), but I do sometimes wish that my brothers specifically could feel the baby move. I miss them often, and can't help but think that they've likely never felt baby kicks in the belly--let alone from their future niece/nephew! I left CA at age 18, which means that I've now been apart from their lives for almost 10 years. Regardless of our childhood squabbles, distance (and time) do make the heart grow fonder. So... Anthony, Greg, and Mario... Hopefully when Jeff and I have our next baby, you'll get to share the joy of feeling the alien baby move! Just know that when the baby moves, I often think of you, and wish you were there to experience it, too!

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