Sunday, July 20, 2008


We're definitely into the homestretch of the pregnancy (just over 6 weeks left), and definitely overdue for a blog update. I have been exhausted this past week. Sometime during the Utah trip, I think I reached some kind of turning point where I started to feel very, very, very pregnant. Standing up from a lying or sitting position has become increasingly difficult and uncomfortable. Even turning over in bed or on the couch makes me feel like a beached whale. Bring in the ropes! Bring in the crane! Most importantly... bring in the snacks!

Last Monday we had two appointments: our 32-week check-up and big-baby ultrasound. The good news is that the baby looks healthy so far. The shocking news was when the ultrasound office's doctor entered the room to ask, "Do you have gestational diabetes?" (to which I replied that I did not), followed with, "Well, we estimate the baby to weigh about 6lb, 4oz, which is in the top 98th percentile". Mind you--that weight estimate was at the time of the appointment (one week ago), not the estimated birth weight. Our precious little bundle of joy isn't so little! In fact, that weight estimate is already bigger than my own birth weight (6lb 2oz)!

So of course, this had me in a bit of a panic mode. Big-baby report in hand, we then headed a few floors down to our OB's office. Her nurse tried to comfort me with an empathetic "I've seen bigger", which actually came out sounding like more of a question than a statement of fact. She could probably tell I was a little frazzled, and wanted to make me feel better. What did make me feel better was when she put it in perspective--it's better to know now than in the heat of the moment during labor and delivery.

Despite the results of the ultrasound, the doc came in with her usual big smile, which gave me a little boost of confidence. (She is so good at that!) We discussed the baby's size, and what it could mean during labor and delivery. She introduced the possibility of a ceasarean section if my "planned" all-natural drug-free labor does not progress as it should. She said she would likely be willing to schedule a c-section if I wanted to, but we agreed to play it by ear for now.

I then asked about the baby's specific anatomic measurements. The femur length was the smallest of those that were taken. This did worry me a bit--but it was more of a yellow flag than a red one. (Okay, maybe more of a greenish yellow flag.) She said not to worry, since even the femur was still measuring bigger than expecteted for gestational age, and also could be a result of my hispanic heritage. She said that we'll be ready for anything with around-the-clock neonatologists.

Jeff and I are aware that the ultrasound weight estimate is truly just an estimate, and it can be off by about 20%. (Though the doc joked "You could give birth to a toddler!") We are continuing to stay positive. We have our eyes on the prize: that precious, perfect, little (or big) angelic baby will be here soon.

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