Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello, Laziness

It is difficult to know where to begin. Most of me is too exhausted to go into robust detail, but I wanted to give you all a quick update. Today, Jeff and I went in for a routine appointment with our OB. The appointment is best explained with:

Doc: "Have you been working?"
Me: "Yes"
Doc: "Not anymore!"

She basically said she was giving me medically prescribed laziness. I attempted to negotiate limited work from home, but the look on her face alone told me that it was non-negotiable. I ultimately decided (with help from Jeff) that rest was best. Upon first check, my blood pressure was in the severe range. The doc even started talking about admitting me to the hospital. Fortunately, it was down a bit when she re-checked it, so she's going to have me come in again on Thursday to reasses.

She also put me (and the baby) on a fetal monitor. Thankfully, things looked okay there. We then went down a few floors for some extra prescribed bloodwork to check for pre eclampsia. Not only did the nurse call me this evening to give the good news that it was negative, but the doc even personally called to check up on me just a bit ago. "You weren't expecting me to call, were you?" I will just say WOW - she is fantastic! Not too many doctors would do something like that. I told her that I was being good, and listening to her by being lazy on the couch. :) Oh and by the way, my external measurements are at 39 weeks (though I'm not quite at 35... yikes)!

So, I will have to get used to this bedrest thing. I wrapped up some work today & will be fully done once I do the teensiest bit of work in the morning. At that point, I will bid work farewell for awhile. I was reluctant to give in at first, but know that its not really an option. I have been working consistently since I was 15... plus, I've been working really intensely on my projects at work lately, and feel quite attached to (and responsible for) them. It's time to let go. I'm confident with the doctor's recommendation and my compliance to go on bedrest.

If I don't improve, or if my bp continues to rise... we will deliver the baby early. So for now, I'll take it easy. Our little bun isn't quite done yet. I'm so lucky that Jeff takes such good care of me... I love you, sweetheart.
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