Friday, March 21, 2008

"Um... a little room here please, Mom?"

Many experts say that first time moms-to-be don't feel their baby move until 18 or even 20 weeks. Despite this claim, I have been overflowing with anticipation of feeling the baby move for the first time.

I was sitting at my desk today--plugging away at ahem... I mean plugging away at work like a good worker bee should. ;) Well, I will admit (with a bit of shame since I was once a massage therapist) that I was slouching at my desk. I suppose that just wasn't enough room for the baby, because I felt a distinct bubbly, bouncy movement at the very bottom of my belly. The baby wanted to let me know that he/she is renting that space for the duration of my pregnancy, and I needed to be a good landlady. Of course, being the pregnant emotional roller coaster that I am, I sprinkled a few quiet tears of joy. I thought I'd share some fun reactions:

Kristen: "Oh hun that is so precious! Except, are you just hungry?" Shauna: "No, I just had a huge scone... and I don't have gas either haha"

Greg: "(Lil) Greg is gonna punch his way out!" (Yes, after birth, Uncle Greg will be calling the baby "Lil' Greg" regardless of the gender!)

What a beautiful moment. I can't begin to describe how it has made me feel while truly doing it justice. For those other mommies out there, I'm sure your own experiences will be enough for you to understand.

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