Friday, March 21, 2008

Cravings for the Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Alike

Although we can't take credit for this yummy concoction of deli delights, we certainly don't mind doing so, as we've been digging this for quite some time. If you've seen Spanglish, you'll recognize this as the sandwich Adam Sandler makes about halfway through the flick. Outside of adding avocado and making it a little more vegetarian friendly, this is the original recipe in all it's glory:

* 3-4 slices of Morningstar Veggie bacon strips(the real stuff works as well although you'd be surprised at how good the Morningstar ones are!)
* 2 slices of Monterey Jack cheese
* 2 slices of toasted rustic country loaf(we also like sourdough)
* 1 tbsp of Vegenaise or Mayo
* 4 tomato slices
* 2 leaves of butter lettuce
* 1 teaspoon butter
* 1 egg
* 1 Avocado(only need 1/2 per sandwich, so make two!)


1. Cook the bacon until crisp, drain on paper towels
2. Place slices of cheese on one side of toasted bread. Place in toaster oven or under broiler to melt.
3. Spread mayo on other slice of bread top with avocado, bacon, sliced tomato, and lettuce
4. On non-stick skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Fry egg, turning over briefly when the bottom is set (up to you if you want to keep yolk runny or not. I think if you're pregnant it's better not to keep runny)
5. Slide finished egg on top of lettuce, top with other slice of bread
6. Place sandwich on plate and slice in half, letting yolk run down sandwich


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