Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making up for lost lbs...

Today was a perfect, rainy day in Seattle. It was the perfect kind of day that you want to slough off of work early. Luckily, we had a planned excuse--our 4-month appointment with our doctor (who we LOVE, by the way)! I weighed in at 10 lbs more than my pre-maternal weight. I had to make up for the 3-lb loss from the last weigh-in during my 12-week appointment. Judging by the way my belly popped out in the past month, I knew for sure that I had gained everything I was supposed to, along with what I was supposed to gain the month before! The nurse even said with excitement "Well, you look pregnant now, so thats a good thing!" Let me tell you--looking pregnant is far superior to just looking chubby!

We had a good chat with the doctor (did I mention that we LOVE her?!) about the results from our last visit. Everything came back with shiny gold stars. She did tell me (which I knew already) that I have a negative blood type, so will have to take a few extra precautions that are ultimately nothing to worry about. We got to hear the heartbeat again (140 bpm), which is always a little miracle in itself.

We also talked about the next appointment, which will probably be one of the more exciting visits. We will have our 20-week ultrasound on April 21st. During this appointment, they will measure the growth and anatomy of our precious, perfect, little baby-to-be. However, we know that no matter what--this baby is going to be perfect in every way. My friend Debbie put it into perspective today. Even the women who truly have no history or anything to worry about--worry anyway!

So here we are, this little family that grows every moment of every day because our little sprout is developing inside of me. Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful journeys a human being can experience. It is right up there with falling in love and getting married to your soul mate... two things that Jeff and I have also been fortunate enough to experience together. In a way, we re-live all of those things every day. So yes--you can have your cake and eat it too. With the right ingredients, cake can magically appear out of nowhere.

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