Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Journey Begins...

...Albeit 4 months into the journey! We'll make up a bit of time by posting our first two ultrasound pictures. Jeff is infamous for taking "pictures of pictures", so the quality might not be the best. (His empty promises of using a scanner in the future lead to justifiable skepticism.)

Everything is going really well with the pregnancy. We've decided to let the gender be a surprise during the delivery. Almost everyone (especially soon-to-be Uncle Greg) thinks this is a crazy decision! People also think its a little nutty that we are going for a drug-free birth. What can we say, its the tree-hugging hippies in us.

We will be at the 16-week mark tomorrow, and we are excited for our next appointment on Tuesday, March 25th. It will just be a quick, normal check-up, but we're excited for every little event. Jeff is so wonderful to go to every appointment, no matter what it is for.

Mama's belly is definitely swelling with a baby bump these days. Clothes aren't fitting quite like they used to. Hopefully we can hold out for the weather to warm up before buying new maternity clothes.

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