Tuesday, September 17, 2013

THAT Feeling

It hit me while waiting for Harper to be dismissed from class. At about 1120 yesterday, I got the horrible feeling that Norah would be admitted to the hospital. She was starting to show hefty viral symptoms, and was inconsolable. I spent much of the day on the phone (in between kindergarten homework), and it was decided that Norah should at least go in to see her general pediatrician in Layton. 

To my surprise, at that very moment, one of my best friends Jaci was standing at my front door. We rushed to the pediatrician, but were late anyway. During the course of the appointment, Norah began to deteriorate. By the time we were loaded into the ambulance, Norah's heart rate was peaking at 180, and she was on 6 liters of oxygen. 

Though she stabilized a bit on the way there, she slowly became worse and worse. We decided to err on the side of caution by admitting her. I'm so glad we did. She had a rough night, spending more time crying and coughing than actually sleeping. 

So here we are just waiting. Waiting for her to get past this cold so we can take her home again. We were two days shy of three months at home without any admissions to the hospital. But here we are.. Hopefully not for long. 

There is a huge ray of sunshine though. My darling friends, the Packs, welcomed their three gorgeous daughters into this world. They are perfect and they are beautiful. They are at the hospital next door, but my desire to for them to be safe and healthy far outweighs my urge to run over there and snuggle on each of them. Hopefully they get to go home soon! 
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