Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Quick Stay

That was a quick one. We were discharged from the hospital yesterday. It hasn't been the first time that I felt a nagging tug that they were going to make us stay. It is more the sort of feeling you get in a nightmare than a true suspicion. My brain knew they wouldn't make us stay, but my heart didn't quite get the message. I suppose that comes with having spent close to two years in the hospital.

Norah is doing much better now that we have albuterol to open up her lungs. Yes - the same albuterol given to asthmatics. She doesn't have asthma, but she sure benefits from the bronchodilator. Norah is so happy to be home. That night in the hospital, she (we) only slept for two hours then an additional hour and a half. The crazy girl fought sleep during the day, too. She was too worried that the masked and gowned people would come do something to her in her sleep. Of course the coughing and crying didn't help.

I'm so thankful that I listened to the mom-voice in my head. I simply knew she was going to need to go in. And I listened before things got too scary. What did it turn out to be? Rhinovirus. Yes, the common cold. But for us, the common cold is scary. It used to always mean a PICU stay. Norah is getting stronger, but apparently a cold still means a stay in the hospital. It was a mostly inevitable kindergarten cootie. I just wish I could program everyone's brain about illness prevention with hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes, sanitizing surfaces, etc. Alas, I know that I can't expect everyone to do it. So we'll continue to do our best to protect ourselves.

Thank you all for your well wishes these past couple of days. Though we'll be mostly hiding at home until we're completely better, we are definitely on the mend, and glad to be home.
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