Monday, September 23, 2013

Pennies by the Inch Campaign

Miss Norah the Brave was selected out of thousands of Primary Children's patients to be this year's featured story for the Pennies by the Inch campaign. It is their only door-to-door fundraiser, where her story is now printed in 500,000 brochures. Her story is of hope, bravery, and love, and isn't over yet. She has a long, wonderful future ahead, that just happens to include more surgeries, hospital admissions, ambulance rides, x-rays, labs, treatments, etc. But it also includes countless laughs, cuddles, sass, and lots of love.

Our girl is incredible. We're honored to have been selected as the featured story this year. You can see the story included in the brochure here. I encourage you to consider a donation, even if it's just a penny... because every little bit adds up. With our 10+ months that we spent in the Pediatric ICU at PCMC, We have directly benefited greatly from the donations given to this campaign. The staff at PCMC is wonderful. They saved Norah's life time and time again, and we will continue to lean on them for fantastic care that is delivered with such a personal, caring touch. 
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