Sunday, September 23, 2012


Few things are better than post-bath snuggles
Just a quick note to let you all know that Norah goes in for surgery on Monday morning. Her soft cleft palate will be repaired by her ENT, the same doctor who did her trach surgery. Please think of her tomorrow, as we can use all the love and positive/healing thoughts that we can get. We're nervous... mostly about the general anesthesia.

Our check-in is at 11:15am. Who knows what that means about the actual surgery start time. Though it's typically a same-day surgery, she'll stay in the PICU for one night minimum (due to her ICU-only ventilator dependence). After that, it's sort of a wait-and-see thing. The timing of her return to South Davis will depend on her respiratory status, pain level, and overall recovery. The PICU means germs, but we know we're in such amazing hands there. They're still family to us.

As I've posted previously, we've had luck in the rain, and there is rain in the forecast tomorrow. Let's hope that our sweet girl yet again shows us that she's as tough as they come, and nothing will stop her from having a happy, full life. 

Thank you all for the phone calls and well wishes these last couple days. We sure love you.
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