Monday, August 13, 2012

Life As We Know It

Sometimes I think about what sort of blogger I'd like to be. Certainly, I hadn't planned on this blog evolving into a place that people would go for the occasional cry. It seems that it has turned out that way. I drool over some of my favorite knitting blogs, crafty blogs, home DIY blogs, and creative writing blogs. That is not my life right now, but that's okay. Maybe moving into this new house will spur my creativity. Or maybe I'll be too exhausted to blog about it anyway. Or maybe not. We'll see.

My mom was here for almost three weeks, and it sped by far too quickly. Below are some photos from the last month. There are quite a few, so I've squeezed them in. Be sure to click for full view!

Sweaty sleeper


The playful otters at the aquarium were so much fun!

Harper was mesmerized by the lit jellyfish.

Love this girl.

Auntie Kelli came! I love this picture because they're making the same face. Miss you, Kel... say hi to the pacific northwest for us!

Peekaboo with Auntie Emily

Life as we know it.

Go Norah, Go! She had an endocrinology appointment in SLC on August 10th. It was her first transport for an appointment since she's been trach'd. She did fantastic and was on the home ventilator the entire time! It was also her first time being rained on. It sure exhausted her (afterwards she slept from 4pm-9am), but it was such a wonderful day.

Harper doesn't have a DVD to watch when we drive the Mazda instead of the Tahoe. This is what typically happens.

Harper and dad enjoying the recliner at the hospital. Apparently, it's hilarious.

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