Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Harper!

With so much going on with Norah, I don't post about Harper nearly often enough. He doesn't know it, but he turned four on Monday. He thinks his birthday is on Saturday, when we're having his party. All day Monday, I whispered "Happy Birthday" to him. He would ask, "What?" which I would reply "I love you", with a sly smile.

Harper never ceases to amaze me. During this last year, we have pushed him so far beyond his comfort zone. He is painfully shy, hating new people and places. That just doesn't work with our lifestyle. We're always taking him to the hospital, appointments, meetings, etc. He doesn't want to go. He doesn't want anyone to talk to him. He wants to be left alone. We stretch him to the limit (and sometimes beyond it). He shuts out the world with video games learns to cope as best he can.

But that's not all. He's smart. He's HILARIOUS. He says the craziest things, as most four year olds do. He laughs. He lights up the world with his brilliant smile. He has really impressive manners when it comes to "please", "thank you", "you're welcome", etc. He is always telling me that I'm his best friend and I'm beautiful (Jeff taught him well), and always telling Norah that she's his "beautiful sweet girl" or his "beautiful baby sister". He's such a charmer. He cuddles me when I'm sad, and to Jeff's dismay, Harper always goes to mommy when he needs a good cuddle.

He's a doting big brother, too. He is so gentle with Norah. He shares his toys. He pats her gently and tells her how much he loves her. He asks how she is after I get off the phone with the nurse. He asks when she'll come home and says that he misses her. Sometimes he even says that he wants to go to the hospital to be with her. I'm enjoying the way they get along for now... I'm sure it won't always be that way, but a girl can hope!

I can't forget to mention his video game skills: that boy is a champ. He will someday play in a Super Mario or Kirby tournament, and will win us millions.

We love this little guy, and are so thankful for him. He brings so much joy to our lives. He has helped us through some really difficult times, reminding us that laughter and smiles are ever so important when life gets really difficult. One of my biggest hopes is that we can show him that our love for him is truly unconditional.

Happy birthday, my sweet, beautiful boy.

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