Friday, August 3, 2012

Be The Match

We lived at Primary Children's for so long. Once, when Harper and I were leaving the hospital after a visit, an employee made small talk with me in the elevator. I mentioned that Harper's sister "lived in the hospital". She said something like, "Oh, I'm sure it feels like that sometimes". I briefly explained before she got off at her floor, that Norah did indeed live in the hospital.

I would often see other kids and families that had an aura about them that said "We're regulars here". Some of these kiddos were obvious oncology patients. Cancer happens to good people, as evidenced by the way sweet, tenacious kids have to battle with it every day. But here's the thing - sometimes, with certain types of cancers, there is something that we can do to help. Short of waving a magic wand, there isn't much we can do for Norah like there is with some of these oncology kids (and adults, for that matter).

A few weeks ago, I joined the Be The Match registry. I have yet to find out if I'm a match for anyone, but I sure hope that I will be, especially considering my mixed ethnic background. I may be the only person in existence that could save that certain someone's life - with something simple as a stem cell donation (similar to giving blood or plasma), or marrow donation (which replenishes itself in 4-6 weeks).

So for those of you that are eligible, I ask that you strongly consider joining the Be The Match Registry.  You might have the power to save someone's life.

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