Friday, August 3, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Can you believe how sweet Jeff is? I was so touched by his post below. He is the most amazing husband, father, and best friend a gal could ever ask for. Times may be tough, but never was there a marriage as strong and true as ours to get through it together.

Did you all know that my mom is in town? I am awfully sad that we're wrapping up her almost 3-week visit. On our first or second day together, we went out for lunch, and check out the fortune cookies we got! Her fortune is on top, mine is on bottom. So crazy!

We have such fun together, not to mention that she's been a tremendous help around the house. She's given me mani-pedis, I've played with her hair, and she's given me comfort when I've felt down. We've indulged, laughed, and hugged. She's played with Harper and cuddled with Norah. And one of the most fun things we did? On my birthday we got tattoos! I love you, mama.

My mom is the lead stroke for a competitive (whale boat) rowing team in California's Bay Area, where she's lived most of her life. The ocean is meaningful for her, as is the water design that I drew for her (first!) tattoo.

What is this nerdery? This is Chromosome 12, wrapped around my wrist. The location of the gene that causes Jeff and Norah's genetic change is highlighted in pink, and ID'd below the chromosome... along with a star for each of them. It amazes me that this little tiny thing has had such a big effect on our lives.  I might add to it at some point, getting further down to what the actual genetic change is, which is a tiny itty bitty amino acid. It represents a really challenging year, as well as an amazing future. They carry this genetic change with them always, and now I do too.
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