Monday, May 28, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day: Norah will be transferring to South Davis in the late morning. We've begun to say our goodbyes, and it has been very emotional. We've become closer to the PICU staff than I ever would have imagined. They've been there to comfort us, to laugh with us, to care for Norah, and to save her life on multiple occasions. So for those of you from PCMC that are blog readers, this one is for you.

Our first admit to PCMC was in August. We went from a clinic appointment to the ED, to the PICU. We were one of those lost families that I've come to recognize by the bewildered looks on their faces. Little did we know that we'd come to feel so at home there. Norah has spent close to nine months out of ten there in the PICU. There are countless nurses, doctors, therapists, techs, clerks, dietitians, consultants, housekeepers, engineers, volunteers, and other miscellaneous staff that have made a world of difference in our lives. I love you guys!

Below is a little sampling of the goodbyes that we've been saying. There are still a few more big ones that will come tomorrow. I know that this transfer is a sound medical decision, but it's difficult to reconcile that decision with what's in everyone's hearts. I only have the best things to say about Primary Children's, and I will always think of that place as our second home. Norah has brought so much warmth and love to the PICU, and now it will be their turn to bring some sunshine to us via visits to South Davis. In the famous words of Tigger, one of Norah's favorites, "TTFN, Ta-Ta For Now!"

Norah and I with Pooh Bear aka Wes, Shawn (one of our Techs) and his wife Kim. 

Our nurse Cara, Norah, and I have bonded over guilty pleasures like Jane Austen, cheesecake recipes, British romance movies, and other things that shall not be named to such a wide audience. ;)

Norah wouldn't smile for the camera at first, but once Liz gave her a big smooch, she was one happy girl! Liz is another one of our favorite nurses. We have so much in common, it's unreal. Go Team Tofu!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrea!! I am going to miss her so much. We had quite the tearful goodbye today that I'm not fully ready to talk about. Love you, Andrea! <3

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