Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Settled In

After an uneventful transport via ambulance, we made it from Primary Children's to South Davis. We're all settled in, and Norah is doing great. She's getting used to all the new people, but she doesn't seem to notice too much of a difference thus far. That girl is just so easy going. Harper calls South Davis "the little hospital', and I think in some ways he is more comfortable there. He doesn't have to face a constant flow of people in and out of Norah's room, though I must say that our shy little boy was getting pretty comfy with some of the nurses and therapists (I'm talking about you, Ce-ci-wee).

The staff is getting to know Norah and her needs, but they all mostly seem willing. There are a few concerns, but most of them are hopefully fixable. For example: when I ask a question, I really detest when the response is "I don't know", and the person expects it to be enough. But don't you worry - my follow-up response is usually that I'll be asking their boss. Well, now for the pictures...

This one was a really difficult goodbye. Cecily first took care of Norah when Norah was just three weeks old. They know each other so well, and when they lock eyes, you see love pass between them. Fortunately, Cecily lives only a couple miles from South Davis, and has declared herself to be "Norah's Bulldog". She was our first visitor there too, coming by Tuesday evening to help decorate Norah's room. As a keepsake, I gave her the hospital tag that had been tied to Norah's ankle.

Norah did well on the transport ventilator (the LTV). It was her very first ride upright in a car seat, though she was a bit smooshed. She was entranced by the passing surroundings, and even wiggled her feet before falling asleep towards the end of the 25-minute drive.

An afternoon nap after a long day.

Day 2: Still happy and healthy. I just adore the stars in her eyes when she looks at her daddy. Notice the arm and legs are a blur!

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